CP SQL 8.4.0 – New Feature – Order Management

CP SQL 8.4.0 – Order Management

Radiant plans to release a this new feature in a CP SQL 8.4.0 service pack.

This feature is set to include comprehensive Order Management functionality that allows merchants to process multiple orders simultaneously instead of one at a time using a single, centralized interface. Order Management will provide an efficient, task-oriented work-flow that is designed to streamline order processing for structured, high-volume operations, such as mail-order, telephone-order, and eCommerce merchants.

The Order Management window will includes separate tabs for each stage that an order typically goes through (i.e., Entered, Picked, Pick Verified, Invoiced, and Released), as well as a tab for order lines that have been back-ordered. These tabs display orders that include lines in the corresponding stage, filtered
by location, customer, date, and other user-definable criteria.

Because Order Management allows you to work with orders at the line level, individual orders can appear on multiple tabs, making it easy to see which lines on each order have been back-ordered, entered, picked, verified, invoiced, and released. For convenience, the All Orders tab lists all orders that match your filter criteria and indicates which stage(s) each of those orders is in.

Each tab on the Order Management window allows you to select multiple orders and perform one of the following tasks:

  • Fill back-order lines

  • Print picking tickets

  • Verify picked quantities

  • Generate invoices

  • Release invoiced lines

Completing a task moves the selected orders into the next stage of the process. For example, the "Entered" tab allows you to print picking tickets for selected orders, moving them to the Picked stage, while the Invoiced tab allows you to move order lines to release tickets, marking them as Released.

The Order Management window also allows you to view detailed information for each order including billing and shipping addresses, deposits, notes, and so forth and to add, edit, or delete order lines, as necessary.

Overall, this feature should allow for a faster and more accurate order fulfillment process.

If you have any questions surrounding this new enhancement, please contact the CCS Retail Systems Support Department.

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