More Ways to Increase Foot Traffic to Your Retail Store

In my last blog, I shared with you four tactics to bring customers into your store. Here are three more from Jeff Wuorio that may be helpful in giving your business a “jump start.”

 Have a Sale – It sounds obvious, but offering something that’s less expensive for a limited amount of time creates a sense of urgency that often sparks customers to act now. Using your customer database to contact targeted customers via email saves you money. Also, contacts can be expanded if you urge your current customers to forward your emails to friends.

 Emphasize Customer Service – Face to face customer contact is one advantage brick-and-mortar stores have over Internet competitors. The product knowledge and enthusiasm conveyed through great customer service keeps customers coming back and spreading the word to others, building even more foot traffic.

 Host a Seminar or Workshop – In-house workshops or seminars, although not a direct effort to sell a product or service, help consumers get the most from what they buy. These workshops and seminars are powerful tools to increase foot traffic. An accounting firm could offer free tax-cutting workshops, a crafts store could offer free classes in creating special scrapbooks, or a greeting card store could offer a gift-wrapping workshop. Whatever the event you offer, advertise with flyers, ads, press releases and in-store signage for the best results.

 CounterPoint’s new email marketing tool called CustomerConnect makes it easy for you to keep track of customer data so targeted marketing emails can be sent to promote your events. Call us now for more information at 425-672-4806 or email us.

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