Are You Switching Credit Card Processors?

Are you planning on changing your credit card processor?  If you are, there are some things you should be prepared for.

First, you should check with your current processor to make sure you do not have a contract termination problem or penalty.  I recently helped a customer switch their processor.  After getting everything setup in the software and tested, I got a call the next day asking for me to change it back because they signed a contract with their current processor for a set amount of time and it was going to cost the company a considerable amount money to break the contract.  Fortunately, backups of the existing setup were made and I was able to get them switched back in a timely manner.

Another thing to be aware of is processing equipment.  If you process debit cards through your system with pin pads, you will need to get new pin pads or have your current ones re-encrypted with your new processor and merchant information.  Although most customers ask CCS for help when it comes to setting up the credit card processing, some companies do it themselves.  I’ve even heard of the new processor rep. doing it for them. 

I have had a customer who either setup their system themselves or had someone else set it up call and tell me that they cannot run debit cards.  When asked if the pin pads were replaced and they answered "No", I explained what the problem was and was told that their rep said they did not have to.  However the cards would not work until after they requested new pin pads from their new processor.  So keep in mind that the processor may not realize that.

Lastly be aware of how your are processing your authorizations and settlements.  Currently, CounterPoint V7 and CounterPoint SQL can process cards either over the Internet or with a dial-up modem. For Internet Processors, besides changing what processor you are using through the CPGateway Internet service, there is not much that has to be done.  But if processing with a dial-up modem, you need to be sure you have the correct authorization and settlement numbers. 

As with the above Pin Pad "gotcha", not having the correct numbers to use can cause rejected authorization and/or settlements, or a complete rejection of the whole transaction.  It is recommended that you have a dedicated reliable phone line to processes through, especially in a high volume environment.  I have seen where the credit card modem and the fax machine share the same line., There is nothing wrong with this, but in a high volume stores, if there is a multipage fax coming through, all attempts to get an authorization or settlement will fail.  This can cause a backup in getting your customers though checkout and some customers to leave.

If you need help setting up credit card processing for the first time, or switching processors, give the CCS Retail Systems Support Department a call at 800-672-4806 or email_us.  We have a setup form that can be filled out by your processor to give us all the information needed to properly setup and configure your system to accept credit and debit cards.  To avoid any problems. we review your system before making any changes for all the necessary information and equipment for a seamless cut-over.

-Bryan  alt


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