Malware attacks impersonating major vendors

Several large, well known, vendors are reporting that the latest malware attacks are impersonating them.  Amazon, Best Buy, Chase, Macy’s,, and Evite, among others, have all reported malware being delivered via email that appears to have originated from them.

These emails attempt to get the recipient to open them, and click on the links.  They have subjects such as “Thank you for scheduling your on-line payment”, “Thank you for your payment”, “Thank You, Your Anti-Virus Protection Plan has been renewed”, etc.  Since the recipient has not made any such payment, often they will open the email, and click the link thinking that possibly someone is using their account, if they have one, or someone has created such an account.  Of course, this is not true, but by clicking the link, the victim ends up installing the malware.

This brings up the importance of never trusting anything that you receive by email, even if it looks like it is from a legitimate company.  If you receive an email that appears to be from a company that you do business with, instead of clicking on the link in the email, open your browser and type in the web address yourself.  You may then log in on the real site for the company.  If there is an issue, and they truly are contacting you, then you can address it.

For help handling these types of Malware contact CCS Retail Systems Support.

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