3 Myths About Computer Crime Victims

The Internet puts every criminal on earth within striking distance of every computer and every network. Fraud, embezzlement and identity theft are growing problems.

Most entrepreneurs focus on creating a successful business and may not devote as much attention to protecting one of their most important assets – the data stored on their computers. They may think their company isn’t big enough to be targeted – that hackers only go after "the big boys". Read and believe the three myths exposed below.

Three myths about computer crime that you need to know to protect your company:

#1: Computer criminals only go after big companies and government.  "Wrong"

The nature of criminals, including computer criminals, is they tend to go after the "low-hanging fruit" – the easy targets. Most often, they prey on the innocent and vulnerable, as well as the foolish. Most large companies and government agencies have implemented comprehensive security programs. That makes their systems harder to penetrate. Hence, small and medium sized business are not finding themselves targeted.

#2: Hackers/criminals are mostly college kids.  "Wrong"

While the first generation computer hackers may have been high school and college-aged students playing around, today computer crime has become a major industry with syndicates that have technical expertise and expansive resources. Since they are well organized, businesses need to be too.

#3: Most computer crime is committed by foreign syndicates.   "Wrong"

It’s true that a fair portion of computer crime may be committed outside the country, but it can still target your company. Equally important to know is that a high percentage of embezzlement and fraud against small and medium sized businesses is internal – committed by employees, former employees or other "trusted" persons.

Keeping a watchful eye on your business cannot be overstated. Where do you start? You start with normal procedures – passwords, limited access etc. You make sure that the software you use to run your business meets the safety standards required by the large credit card companies. And you hire a professional to institute other security measures related to your needs – video monitoring, secure firewalls, limited Internet access etc.

CCS has made it a priority to only provide software that meets security standards. The software we provide meets all PCI requirements instituted to prevent identity theft and credit card data theft to name just two. Our technicians are a great source for reviewing your current security measures and making suggestions for improvement.

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