Cloud computing

One of the latest trends is cloud computing.  There are a lot of companies pushing computing clouds, and touting them as the answer to all of your computing needs.

There are some drawbacks to cloud computing, however.  The first, is that your software is not under your direct control.  While you may be able to configure it (or have it configured) to fit your needs, you may also be prevented from using specific settings, or adding additional modules that would allow your company to run in the most efficient manner.

The other big issue that has arisen in several cases, is downtime.  If the cloud servers are down for whatever reason, you are at the mercy of the company operating the cloud as to when they are brought back on-line.  These may be scheduled maintenance, which may or may not occur at a good time for you, or when you need to use backups to recover from system crashes.  There have been cases of cloud servers being down for several days at a time.

In many cases, it makes more sense to run your own servers in-house.  You then have full control over what software is, and is not, installed.  Maintenance can be scheduled to occur at the times most convenient to you. The impact on to your business can be managed.  Steps can be taken to minimize the impact of a system crash.

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