Infected hardware shipped

There has been a lot of news lately, about malware, or virus, infected hardware shipping from the manufacturers.  Dell shipped motherboards that were infected with spyware.  HP Shipped UPS keys that were virus infected. There are many others.

The best practice with any new hardware, whether it is a new PC, USB device, hard disk, or anything else, is to keep it isolated from the rest of your systems.  Do not connect it to your network directly. Do not use something like a USB device after it has been plugged into the new computer, or the computer that has the new hardware, until it has been thoroughly checked.

Rather, if you get a new PC for example, start it up completely stand-alone, with no wireless or wired network connection.  Using a known clean computer, create a virus and malware scanning disk with the latest signatures, and burn it to a CD, or DVD.  Most anti-virus/anti-malware packages have the ability to do this.  Use CD or DVD that you created, and do an in-depth scan of the new system.  Only after the new hardware has been thoroughly checked, should it then be connected to your network, and put into service.

For further recommendations or help in checking your systems, contact CCS Retail Systems support.

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