Why won’t the Inventory Recalculation Utility Run?

Why won’t the Inventory Recalculation Utility Run?

I’m trying to run the Inventory Recalculation Utility, however it keeps giving me an error message, what’s causing this?

The (6) six most common error messages are:

  1. File or function in use by another program. – Someone is using a function of feature that the program requires exclusive rights or control over.  Normally, all users should be out of the software when the I/C Recalculation Utility is run.

  2. There are unposted Inventory Transactions on File. – These need to be posted first.

  3. There are unposted Inventory Physical Count Transactions on file.  These need to be posted first.

  4. There are unposted Receivings Transactions

  5. There are unposted Transfer IN/OUT Transactions.

  6. There are unposted Serial Transactions on File.  This could be an unposted Adjustment of related to something in the Serial Numbers Move Out/In function. 

Usually, simply posting the transactions referenced above will usually resolve the error message. However, there are some specific conditions that may be going on with the data, that may prevent a transaction from being posted, such as:

  • There are unposted Adjustments for Always Serialized items were the user inputting the adjustment has

  • failed to supply any or all of the required serial numbers needed to complete the posting.

  • There is a open transaction for a "Not on File" item in the adjustment transactions file.

  • Corrupt temporary transaction files. 

In these cases, it could be an indication of more severe problems with your inventory data that will require CCS to be involved in order to resolve them.

For reference information on the Inventory Recalculation Utility, please see my earlier blog article entitled:

    What is the Inventory Recalculation Utility?

If you need further assistance please call or Email the CCS Retail Systems Support Department.

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