Pros of Gift Cards


I love gift cards! Over the past several years I have received gift cards for my birthday, for Christmas, as a “thank-you” for a favor done for someone, as a prize at a party, as a bonus at work, and as a reward for being a loyal shopper. Some were issued by a specific retailer, some were “mall” cards, and some were bank-issued. I used them all with great delight!

 For the giver, the use of gift cards circumvents the need to know sizes, color preferences, and taste. The cards are easy to buy, don’t need elaborate wrapping, and still convey the thought that “I care about you.”

 For the receiver, gift cards can be used for things you really need, but didn’t want to ask for. They can be used post-season to get bargains, providing more for the money spent. They can be combined with other cards or with cash to really splurge on something special that you might not have bought otherwise. 

Merchants benefit from gift cards, also. The initial sale of the card generates revenue. Refunds are reduced because people buy what they want, eliminating the need for returns. With rechargeable cards, more revenue is generated when customers continue to use the gift card. A sale that is above the amount on the card also brings in revenue. Customer demographic information gathered from the gift card provides tracking of sales for future planning.

With the holiday season fast approaching, now is the time to prepare to get your share of gift card proceeds. We can help you with this. Call us at 425-672-4806 or email us for more information.

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