Evaluate the impact, before adding software

It’s always surprising to me, when a customer puts new software on their system, without checking on it first.  Especially when they put it on their server.

Installing any new software, will likely have an impact on your system.  It is very common for software to have a memory resident portion.  This means that every time you boot your server, a piece of that software is loaded, and you have less memory available for your other applications.

Other programs, may do much more, including opening increasing the load on your server, on your network, and opening security holes, among other things.  Network based software, such as Skype or uTorrent, the various instant messengers, and such, are particularly susceptible to opening security holes.

Software is not always compatible.  Many times, two software packages, which appear to be completely unrelated, will not work together.  In other words, if you install one package, you may break the other.

So, before you put that new package on your system, take some time to check for the known issues.  As always, you need to have a good backup, as well as a plan to be able to go back to the way your system was before you installed it.

You may want to contact CCS Retail to help you prepare a complete profile of your existing system and check for potential incompatibility or performance issues.

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