The First SMS-Sending Android Trojan Reported

The First SMS-Sending Android Trojan Reported.

Security experts have recently reported what is known to be the first Trojan targeting Android based mobile devices.  This Trojan racks up charges by sending test messages to premium rate numbers.

This new Trojan SMS Malware is dubbed "Troja-SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a", and  is being distributed via an unknown malicious website.

This Trojan prompts the user to install a media player application which is hiding the Trojan.  The installation ask for permission to send SMS messages. If permission is given, the application arbitrarily reads and deletes data, collects data about the phone and the phone ID, sending this to unknown third parties.

After the application is installed, the Trojan starts automatically sending out messages in the background with out the user knowing it.

So far this Trojan only appears to be affecting Android users in Russia and on Russian Network.

Like a large number of computer borne viruses, this Trojan requires that the user give if permission to install it.  So some of the  best current advice for dealing with this new threat is:

  • Only download applications from trusted sites.

  • Check for any newly installed media players.

  • Change all existing Media Players permissions settings to disallow sending of text messages.

  • Don’t download media player files that request permission to access your text messages.

  • Routinely review your billing statements for unusual activity.

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