Marketing To Your Customers – “Customer Connect”

What is one of the best sources for sales? Happy customers who have bought from you before.

In previous articles I’ve shown you how to stay connected to your customers – through emails – through simple "thank yous" – through customer appreciation events to name a few.

Now Radiant Systems is making it easy for their CounterPoint Point of Sale users. The solution is "Customer Connect" – a new service for both CounterPoint SQL and CounterPoint v7.

What can you do with Customer Connect? Well, take a look at this list for starters:

> Send targeted emails using CounterPoint’s purchase history and other customer data.
> Use innovative auto-responders to save you time by doing the work for you.
> Track which campaigns have people buying.
> You can be up and running fast by using the retail-specific customizable templates that are provided.
> Never miss a customer. All information is kept in one place – including new customers as they’re added.

Believe me, I know this works – at least on me. I bought a KitchenAid mixer from Amazon as a present. Now, whenever Amazon’s offering good buys on kitchen equipment, I find an email in my mailbox bright and early on the morning the sale starts!

For more information or help send me an email.

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