Intel Readies Atom Platform for Tablets

Excerpted from Computerworld.

Intel plans to release a new version of its Atom processor that’s designed for ultra-thin netbooks and tablet computers.

The upcoming chip package is a variant of the Atom chip released in May. The two products both include the low-power version of the Atom processor. The difference is that the new chip includes support for various input-output types used in PCs.

It’s taking the power optimization of the previous chip – which was targeted at pocket devices including phones – and leveraging it by adding "port of choice" capabilities so that it can support various operating systems such as Windows, Meego, Google and other PC Linux operating systems.

The main focus of this new chip is to reduce power consumption and enable thinner forms for netbooks and tablets.

While Intel will be talking about this new chip – called Oak Trail – at various computer shows and forums around the country, it won’t be on display at this time.

Intel has scheduled the release for early 2011.

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