Using Social Media To Build Your Business

Using Social Media To Build Your Business

People are increasingly going online to look for things that they might have used a Telephone Book for in the past.  Some things driving this behavior are:

  • The availability and immediacy of access to the Internet, especially due to increased use of portable devices.
  • The ability to find something and buy it now.
  • Online rating services available.  This allows one to benefit from both the positive and negative experiences of others.

 Social media is increasingly being used by businesses to identify, and fulfill existing customers needs, as well as to gain new market share.  Most online sites have targeting and tracking programs that do a myriad number of things. Some examples of these are:

  • Pop-up or page advertisements that automatically target a user based on their existing demographic profile, their stated likes/dislikes, or the even the interests of their friends.

  • Referral programs where users can refer details of clubs, products, services, or companies to others.

  • Trend reporting can allow you find out what latest fads or trends that are driving various markets.  This allows you more closely target people who most likely buy your products or services. 

Being in touch with the latest consumer trends is extremely important for being successful in any marketing campaign, especially in today’s tight economy.  Here are some examples of what can happen
when a business does not utilize these kinds of services:

  • A phone retailer is currently marketing conventional cellphones towards a part of their customer base who is an age demographic that is looking for the latest Blackberry, or IPhone.

  • A Business is marketing Accounts Receivable Collection services to businesses that have little or no Accounts Receivables.



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