Want “Google Love”?

Google continues to be the #1 search engine followed by #2 You Tube – which happens to be owned by Google. So it just makes sense that if you want customers and prospects to find you on the web, you want Google to "love" you.

How Do You Get "Google Love"?

There are many ways to get good placement in Google searches. One very good (and simple) way is to set up your store profile in Google Places.

Once you are set up in Google Places and a customer types what they’re looking for into Google – such as "Bicycles Portland OR" your business comes up as a highlighted local business listing with a red dot on a map showing your location.

Google Places gives you control over what Google shows when a customer clicks the More Info button. List  important business information like: store hours, additional phone numbers, email addresses. Plus you can show pictures of your products or videos you’ve created.

Google has a short video to help you get started. It explains a lot more about what Google Places is and how you can use it in your business.

In addition, when you have a CounterPoint Online store connected to your Website, there are additional advanced SEO options that come with the store to create a good Google placement.

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