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I am still amazed at how many people, and companies, are diligent in making sure that their anti-virus is up-to-date, but do not do anything about anti-spy-ware.

Recently, one study of several million computers checked on-line, found that up to 48% of them were infected with malware.  While the study did not specify, I am confident that the vast majority of these systems have anti-virus packages running on them.

This points out the need to have both packages installed.  You should make sure that your anti-spy-ware is kept up to date, and you frequently use it to scan your system, just like you do with your anti-virus.

We recommend that you use the commercial versions (often called Pro Releases) of popular Anti-malware software.  If you prefer you can try the Free Versions before purchasing the Pro versions. There are usually critical features in the Pro upgrade that you need.  Look for a comparison chart on the Manufacturer’s website. 

We recommend you run more than one Anti-malware system to make sure you get fuller coverage.  All systems have strengths and weaknesses in their capabilities.  Select one for primary coverage and make it the auto-scanner, then use the other systems for periodic manually initiated scans.  Say on a weekly basis.

Some of the systems we recommend are:

  • AVG – Good General coverage. Low overhead.  Has ID protection option.
  • MalwareBytes – Finds some more difficult signatures.
  • PC Doctor – Features and capabilities like two above combined. Can be a bit more overhead.
  • Super AntiSpyware – Finds some more difficult signatures.
  • Microsoft Defender – Good basic coverage.  Free from Microsoft. 

We also recommend you check your security vulnerability and system status.  Problems in these areas, and the registry, can open doors that enable malware attacks like rootkits, key-loggers, etc.

  • Microsoft Baseline Security.  Review and reporting tool.
  • Ccleaner – Good effecient tool.
  • Glary Utilities – Comprehensive tool with several advanced features.  For example file encryption, system file checker, file splitter and joiner, registry cleaner, etc.
  • Innovative Solutions SysPack – comprehensive tools including: registry repair, program and process risk assessment, automated driver updates, etc.

To have your system security and vulnerability assessed and tuned for you, contact us at 800-672-4806 or email us.

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