A new version of Bluetooth wireless is coming.

A new version of Bluetooth wireless is coming.

The industry group behind the Bluetooth wireless standard has announced that a new chip for the low energy version of Bluetooth will be available in a few months.  This means that we could see products turning up with this new technology as early as the 2010 holiday season.

It is the belief of industry experts that this updated technology will revolutionize the health and fitness product industry.  It is envisioned that items such as pedometers and glucose monitors could be a new market for Bluetooth, by both application, and due to lower technology costs.  These low energy devices would be no larger than a common wristwatch and would last for more than a year on batteries.

Some examples of usage might be:

  • During a walk the unit keeps track of your mileage, heart rate, and blood pressure and sends a page, verbal message, or text message of the results to your cell phone.

  • Your cell phone is paged when your glucose level gets to critical point. 

  • Streaming video could be sent from a helmet or lapel camera to your cell phone or similar recording device.

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