Have you done a Control File and Set-up review yet?

Have you done a Control File and Set-up review yet?

Often, I get inquiries from customers about software enhancements that they would to like to have.  In many cases, what they want is already part or the existing software, they just aren’t aware of it.  Here are some points to consider:

  • There are new features that have been added to the software over time, of which you and your staff could now take advantage of.

As an example…

In CounterPoint you’ve never used POS reason codes.   However, there is now and option to associate an automatic scrap transaction with reason code.  This would allow scraping of a damaged item that is being returned by a customer. In these cases the item cannot be resold or returned to the vendor for credit.  Scrapping doesn’t return the item to your inventory when the customer return is posted.

  • There have been changes to your business model.

Policies, procedures, and business focus may now be vastly different from what it was when you first implemented your software.  You may benefit from a review of your current software settings to make sure that it fits your current business model.

  • There may be a need for training here.

This would be especially true if there has been a large turnover of staff at your company over the last several years.  This might mean that the people who where originally trained are no longer there, and the current staff has received limited or no training on the software.

If you are interested in reviewing any of the above areas, please contact the CCS Retail Systems Support department to schedule a system review.

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