Adobe Flash and Reader Updates

If you have been noticing those pop-ups that alert you to an update of either Adobe Reader or Adobe Flash, do not ignore it.  These updates address critical issues that could affect the security of your PC (and your companies PC’s).  The updates take less than 5 mins to download and install and may require a reboot, but in the time it takes it update and reboot will be much better than cleaning up a compromised PC or network.

The same goes for Windows Updates.  Microsoft puts out security and program updates every 3rd Thursday of the month. For very critical updates, deemed important for a sooner release, they will be released on a daily or weekly basis.  Having these updates installed will protect not only you and your PC, but your companies servers and possibly everyone in your address book also.

If you have any questions about an update, call 800-672-4806 or email the CCS Retail Systems Support Department to address your questions or concerns


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