Business Week’s Customer Service Champ List

In an article by Barbara Farfan of Guide, a list of U.S. companies with retail operations that were ranked by Business Week as “Customer Service Champs of 2010” is presented. Seven of the top ten on the list were retail companies. The ratings basically focus on quality of staff, efficiency of service, return policies, and processes – from the customer point of view. Shown below are the seven retail companies honored. The numbers in parentheses denote their ranking in the top ten list.

  •      L.L. Bean (1)
  •     Apple (3)
  •     Publix Super Markets (5)
  •     Nordstrom (6)
  •     Lexus (7)
  •     Barnes & Noble (9)
  •      Ace Hardware (10)

 According to Ms Farfan, excellent retailing can’t be separated from excellent customer service, since retailing is all about customer contact.

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