A new twist on Anti-Virus and Malware fake alerts.

A new twist on Anti-Virus and Malware fake alerts.

You may have seen some of our earlier blogs about fake Anti-Virus Security Messages that pop-up while surfing the web. Usually, this is just a fake "Your Computer is Infected with virus!", "Click on OK to fix!" type message. If you click on the message, you are redirected to a website that immediately starts installing malware.

However, there’s now a new twist on this as follows:

You may get a pop-up message as follows:

Message from WebPage!
Stack overflow at line 0

This includes a Yellow Pyramid with an exclamation mark in it, along with an "OK" button.

 This IS NOT a legitimate Internet Explorer or Windows error message.

When you get this message, there is only (1) one way to re-gain control over your computer.

This involves doing a CTRL-ALT-DELETE to bring up the Windows Task Manager.  The Internet Explorer task has to be forcefully ended.  You should also delete your browser and cookie cache files, and for added safety you may want to run a virus scan.

If you feel that your system may have been compromised, or if you need to do a full security check, please contact the CCS Retail Systems Support Department.

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