How to Avoid Losing Customers

I’ve written in past blogs about how to attract and keep customers. Today I’d like to share with you some valuable information from an article written for The Brand Builder by Olivier Blanchard. In this article, he outlines ten steps for losing customers, something we all want to avoid. The ten steps are shown below.

  1. Ignore them – When a customer is waiting for service and salespeople are too busy talking to one another to even make eye contact, many people will just return the product to the shelf and walk out.
  2. Lie to themPromising something and then not following through on the promise, like free installation of a product.
  3. Sell them inferior productsYour brand will not be recommended if it breaks easily, needs constant repair, or doesn’t work the way it should.
  4. Don’t make things right when there is a problem – If it can’t be repaired, perhaps it can be replaced. Maybe you need to refund the purchase price to keep the customer coming back.
  5. Treat customers badly – Rudeness is not cute or funny.
  6. Treat your employees badly – Reprimanding employees publicly within sight and hearing of customers will send your customers out the door. In the long run, your reputation will keep you from attracting good employees to your company.
  7. Don’t listen to your customers – They may not come right out and tell you what they want, but you can gain a lot by observing their experience. Be watchful and ask questions.
  8. Stop caring about your customers – Focus on improving your customers’ lives, not just on taking their money. Look at your business from their point of view.
  9. Copy your competitors – An exact replica of what your competitors offer with your name on it may seem bland and boring to customers. Why should they come to you if they’re looking for uniqueness, when all you can offer is a price that’s a little lower?
  10. Convince yourself that nobody cares what customers have to say about you – Bloggers’ comments are read, and those comments may convince others to buy or avoid buying your product.

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