Being On Top Is Not Always A Good Thing

According to Symantec (The makers of Norton Anti-Virus and other Security Software), Seattle is the riskiest city for cybercrime.  There’s a downside to being one of the country’s most tech-savvy cities – being more vulnerable to cyberattacks. The most vulnerable, actually. According to a new study from Symantec, the anti-malware company, Seattle is the "riskiest" city in the U.S. for cybercrime. Our neighbor to the south, Portland, was No. 10.

Here’s the top-10 list:

Washington, D.C.
San Francisco
Raleigh, N.C.
Austin, Texas
Portland, Ore.

"At the top of the rankings," Symantec’s news release states, "Seattle claims the dubious distinction of America’s leading riskiest cybercrime city. Placing near the top in categories such as cyberattacks and potential infections; online behavior that can expose people more to cybercrime, such as online shopping and banking online; and wireless Internet access."

The rankings were based on Symantec Security Response data and outside research by research firm Sperling’s BestPlaces. In general, less-wired cities ranked lower. Detroit came in last because they were "less likely to participate in risky online behavior," Symantec said.

Here are the rest of the rankings:

11. Honolulu
12. Charlotte, N.C.
13. Las Vegas
14. San Diego
15. Colorado Springs, Colo.
16. Sacramento, Calif.
17. Pittsburgh
18. Oakland, Calif.
19. Nashville-Davidson, Tenn.
20. San Jose, Calif.
21. Columbus, Ohio
22. Dallas
23. Kansas City, Mo.
24. New York City
25. Indianapolis
26. Albuquerque, N.M.
27. Miami
28. Omaha, Neb.
29. Virginia Beach, Va.
30. Los Angeles
31. Cincinnati
32. Houston
33. St. Louis, Mo.
34. Phoenix
35. Chicago
36. Baltimore
37. Oklahoma City
38. Philadelphia
39. Jacksonville, Fla.
40. Tulsa, Okla.
41. San Antonio
42. Milwaukee
43. Cleveland
44. Tuscon, Ariz.
45. Long Beach, Calif.
46. Fort Worth, Texas
47. Fresno, Calif.
48. Memphis, Tenn.
49. El Paso, Texas
50. Detroit

Do you agree with these results?  Check out the new CCS Retail Systems User Forum (registration required) and voice your opinion.  I believe that the more people go online they will have a greater chance of being infected naturally.  Also being one of the most "tech-savvy" cities should mean that "we" are smarter than the average user and should know how to protect ourselves.

-Bryan alt

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