Internet Etiquette

Your On-line Presence.

Your current and future employers, and law enforcement are inclined to use social networking sites to do their due diligence.  The Patriot Act gives law enforcement more unfettered access to your records.

Businesses and Law enforcement are increasingly following the rest of the Internet world into popular social networking services..  These profiles are being used to communicate with criminal suspects and to gather data about people.

Some recent examples of this are:

  • Several high profile job applicants have been actively looking for a new Job with a fortune 1000 company.

As part of the company’s security check, the security team browses social networking sites for information about the applicants.  Several of the applicants have unrestricted profiles, and the security team finds numerous photos, that show a pattern of unacceptable behavior.  Because of this, a number of the applicants are withdrawn from employment consideration.

  • An applicant has a tendency to post emotional rantings on the Internet.   

A potential employer viewing her profile might reject them on the portrait above alone.

  • US Law enforcement agencies can log on  to exchange messages with suspects, identify a targets friends or relatives, browsing postings, personal photo’s and video clips.  …

An example of this would be that neighbor you barely know inviting you over for a barbecue. Unknown to you he has a criminal past.  You may become involved in their investigation indirectly and inconvenienced.

Here are some social networking guidelines to consider: 

  • Enjoy the friends you have and make through social networking but be careful to show good conduct there as in the rest of your life,

  • If it’s on the Internet, it’s out there potentially forever!

  • Be careful who you share your personal information with! 

Social networking is here to stay.  Many Internet users find this an enriching experience.  We don’t mean to dispute this.  Be careful to make the most of this part of you Internet experience.  Don’t leave yourself open for unfortunate consequences later by practicing poor Internet etiquette.

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