A Useful Resource to Help You Profit More from Your CounterPoint Investment

 Have you checked out our website for the great information from Radiant System’s Annual User Conference? Product Overviews, Tutorials, and Tips for Retailers are presented to help you get more value from your CounterPoint investment.

 Do you need a tutorial on Inventory Reports or Physical Count? Would you like to know why you should be online? Do you need some tips on getting the most out of Sales Reports or how to use “Silent Sellers”? There’s a wealth of useful information on these topics and many more – available to you in an instant!

 Just click on the Conference Summary Page link on the left side of our home page. This will lead you to a list of ten Conference Highlights that have been selected for you to explore.

 Your CCS Sales Consultant can help you with questions about any of these topics. The number is 800-672-4806 or email us.  


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