Be Careful Googling for Your Favorite Olympic Athlete

Adapted from a Seattle PI article.

It’s not all sequins, triple lutzes and Apollo Ohno – viruses and malware are lurking for fans of Olympic skating events.

According to a study by Internet security company McAfee, six of the top 10 most dangerous Olympic athletes to run a search on are competing in skating events – from speed-skating to ice dancing.

"The Olympics presents the perfect opportunity for cyber criminals who know people around the world will be searching for stats and images of their favorite athletes," Shane Keats, Research Analyst at McAfee, said in a news release.

Tops on the list: American speed-skater Jennifer Rodriguez. McAfee says searching for Rodriguez "poses a one in four chance of being infected with a virus, spyware or adware."

Japanese long-track speed-skater Sayuri Osuga was second.

Other Americans on the list include figure skater Sasha Cohen (who is not competing in these games), hockey player Jack Johnson and ice dancer Ben Agosto.

The study found that female athletes are more dangerous to search than males, which doesn’t explain why Agosto made the list but his partner, Tanith Belbin, did not. Go Figure.

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