Another Sign of the Times

The Honolulu Star Bulletin reported in a recent news article that COSTCO Wholesale Corporation will soon start accepting food stamps in its stores nationwide.  Half of COSTCO’s 407 U.S. stores may have this in place by Thanksgiving of this year.  Nearly 200,000 other retailers nationwide now also accept food stamps, an increase of twenty percent from 2005.

Stores see a potential market in the increasing ranks of food stamp recipients, whose numbers have grown by ten million over the past two years.  Thirty-six million Americans now use food stamps.

For people who are struggling to make ends meet in a time of layoffs, furloughs, and underemployment, the acceptance of food stamps by retailers is a blessing.  For retailers, it’s an added source of revenue.

Reaping the benefits of this new trend is facilitated by a POS System that is equipped to handle food stamps.  CounterPoint POS Software can do this for your business.  Call 800-672-4806 or email us for more information on this topic.

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