Strange things found inside computers

Strange things found inside computers.

There are very good reasons for periodically cleaning-out the insides of computers. Often some very unusual things accumulate there.  Some examples of things that I have personally found inside CPU cases over the years are:

  • Spider webs.

  • Gecko Eggs.

  •  Both dead and live Grasshoppers.

  •  A nest fried cockroaches, complete with baby roaches and unhatched egg casings wedged between the heat sink vanes.

  •  A dead field mouse, complete with nesting materials.

  • Red volcanic mud (Iron Oxide dust exposed to moisture).

  • A loose hard drive sitting on top of a large folded-over envelope.

  • CPU Fans, Heat Sinks, and Power Supply fans completely clogged with lint.

  • Caramelized soft-drink syrup.

  • Old Band-aides.

  • Dried bread crumbs and cookie crumbs.

  • Paperclips and rubber bands.

  • Drywall chalk. 

As you can probably guess, most of the above items would be extreme fire hazards when exposed to enough heat.  Even if no fire was started, other internal components could be damaged of fail completely under these conditions.

If you are afraid to open-up your computer for fear of what you might find, please contact the CCS Retail Systems Support Department to schedule your annual cleaning.

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