Logo’s in CounterPoint Version 7

I have had a few calls from customers lately about printing their logo on receipt’s, invoices, and statements.  Although CounterPoint V7 does not have that functionality built-in, there are ways to accomplish this task.

Some receipt printers (Epson TM-88, Star TP700) support the ability to upload an image file to the printer that will be printed at the top (and sometimes bottom) of the receipt.  If you are wondering if your receipt printer has this capability, check the manufactures website for an "upload" type program.  Make sure to check the documentation for the maximum size and image type that it supports.  You may have to "tweak" your image file with a program like Paint (built-in Windows Program) to get the right size and file type.

On invoices and statements we have a couple of choices.  One is to get pre-printed forms with your logo on them.  Once you get your forms, it may be necessary to modify the form design in CounterPoint to match the pre-printed form.

Another option is similar to the receipt printer method.  Some laser printers support a type of memory card that can be inserted into the printer. With the right commands sent to the printer it will print the logo.

The last option is to use a third party program like Unform.  Unform acts like another printer on your system and when you send a document to it, it reads what Unform calls a "rule" file that manipulates the data to come out as you setup in your rule file.  Unform requires a little bit of programming knowledge and has a learning curve but is a very powerful piece of software.

If you have questions about printing your logo on receipts, invoices, or statements, give the CCS Retail Systems Support Department a call at 800-672-4806 or send me an email .

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