Do I need to install the 2009 Year End Payroll Update?

Do I need to install the 2009 Year End Payroll Update?

Most definitely…Yes!

There are Payroll updates for all of the various flavors of Payroll Programs that CCS supports.  Some specific changes that will affect most Payroll users are:

*  Federal Tax Table Levels Expanded for 2010.

In January 2010, the Federal Withholding Tax Table amounts will expand from 6 to 8 levels.

*  Social Security Base Maximum revised for 2009.

W-2 report and forms have been revised to support this higher limit.

*  W-2 Magnetic Media Reporting Changes.

Specific Magnetic W2 files were updated to reflect the current 2009 tax year, currently valid Social Security numbers, and the Social Security wage maximum for 2009.

*  1099 Magnetic Media Record Changes.

Updated format changes were made for 2009

* W-2 Form Social Security Number checks for 2009.

ALL W-2 processing programs were updated with Social Security Number checks for 2009.

*  Y2K Date Verification Check

For RealWorld users there is now an automated Y2K date verification check, that verifies that the "Company Information" Y2K Cut-off data setting is correct, If not, you will not be allows to continue with year end processing until this issue is corrected.

*  General Ledger and Payroll Year-End Data Archive Feature.

For RealWorld and Payroll for CounterPoint users, a new feature has be added that allows to do an internal backup of your Payroll data file directories prior to the closing of the year. 

*  Employee Social Security Number Validation Report.

This report has been updated so that the latest Social Security Number ranges will be detected.

*  IRS and SSA Compliance.

This years update insures that your software is compliant with the latest Internal Revenue Service and Social Security Agency requirements.

Please contact the CCS Retail Systems Sales Department to order your update.

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