Some Personal Windows 7 Experiences

I recently purchased a new PC and was debating on installing Microsoft’s new OS Windows 7 or staying with Windows XP.  I finally decided to give Windows 7 a try knowing that I might just start all over and install Windows XP again.  To say the least I am quite surprised and impressed on how well Windows 7 has been.  The installation was straight forward, not many questions asked, and the defaults are what I would have chosen anyways.

So far all the applications I used in Windows XP have worked in Windows 7 without much fuss at all.  The were a couple of applications that needed to be updated but not much of a big deal.  The only issue I have had so far is with my older HP PSC 2500 printer/scanner/fax.  Windows 7 does have a driver to be able to print to the printer but I have yet to find a way to use the other functions (Scanning/Faxing). Since I do not scan or fax very often this has not been to big of an issue for me.

Windows 7 seems to be very customizable as far as cosmetics go and I have been able customize or as Windows 7 calls it "Personalize" just about every aspect I have wanted to.  Much has changed since Windows XP but if you are used to using Vista, the changes wont be as drastic as if you moved from Windows XP (which is what I did).  As with changes in previous new versions of Windows it will take a little bit to get used to where every is and what it may be called now.  For instance Outlook Express is no longer included, the alternative Microsoft has given us is to install the "Windows Live Essentials" update which includes "Windows Mail" that has quite a few enhancements to Outlook Express.  I’m sure there are other "toys or tools" that have been removed but I have not found them just yet.

In conclusion Windows 7 has been more than I expected as far as speed, ease of use,  installation, and "Personalization".  As mentioned before I am fairly impressed with what Microsoft has done in this version of Windows.  Hopefully they can keep it up.

If you have any questions about Windows 7, send me an email or give the CCS Retail Systems Support Department a call at 800-672-4806.  If you would like to share your experiences with Windows 7 or with any other OS or application, remember that the CCS website has a Members area for you to contribute your thoughts and feelings about the hardware and software you use.  It would be great to get some members to write about there experiences to share with other members.  Registration is free and required to post articles.

Have a Happy Holiday
-Bryan alt

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