Added Security with Biometric Fingerprint ID’s

Keeping your Point of Sale data safe and secure. Protection from dishonest employees or an outside hacker, is becoming increasingly important in today’s high-tech world.  Not only must a company protect sensitive customer information, but also its business information, including costs, sales numbers, profit margins, and more.

Having unique passwords for each employee is helpful, but if a password is stolen or misused, immeasurable damage could occur.  Price changes, lowered quantity on hand, deleted items, and stolen customer lists are just a few of the actions that could take place.  Remember, finding the party responsible for the damage could be extremely challenging.

One way of countering this type of theft is by using Biometric Fingerprint ID’s.  With this product, an employee scans his/her thumb or finger on the Biometric Fingerprint Reader instead of typing a password and entering a user ID to access the system.  This affords a much higher degree of employee accountability protecting your data from costly damage–whether intentional or accidental.

CCS can help you with installation and implementation of Biometrics in your retail business.  If you have questions, we’re here to answer them!  Call us at 425-672-4806 or email us.

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