Stand Out From the Crowd – Offer Grab Bags this Season

Today I want to share with you an idea from a retail store owner. This isn’t a new idea but it’s something that can be easily overlooked. The idea is GRAB BAGS.

This store owner filled 500 grab bags with product that wasn’t moving, free samples they had received from their vendors and other small items. They also put gift cards in 50 of the bags. That cards had a value from $1 to $10 dollars with one $50 card. The value of the card wasn’t known until it was scanned – and it couldn’t be scanned the same day it was received. This particular owner sold these grab bags at a fair. Since the gift cards couldn’t be scanned without coming into the store, the store owner was assured of increased customer traffic which translated into sales above and beyond the cost to them of the gift cards.

This same idea can be adapted to a sidewalk sale or a holiday sale at your store.

Your only limitation is your imagination. If you’re having a Halloween sale, gear the bags to a Halloween theme. The same goes for Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever type of sale you devise.

I know this works because my local Hallmark store ran something similar. While waiting in line to check out, I saw more than half the customers adding the grab bag to their items — including me.

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