Windows 7 – Should I upgrade now?

Windows 7 – Should I upgrade now?

With all of the news buzz about Windows version 7 going on, a lot of people have valid questions and concerns regarding when, and how their existing systems should be upgraded, as well as what kinds of issues might come up when doing this.

Some general things that would need to be looked at are:

  • Newness of the operating system.  New operating systems, like application software, may have undetected/unreported design issues that could affect your ability to use key features that might be critical to you.  These level-one issues may not be corrected until at least the first or second service packs are released. 

  • Hardware Compatibility – Your existing computer processor, memory, peripherals, may not be compatible with the new operating system, and/or there may not be drivers currently available.  This may require some changes to your hardware infrastructure in more than one area of your business.

  • Application Software Compatibility –  Some of the application software that you are using may not be compatible with Windows 7, or may require updates to run.  These updates may not be available now and may be slated for release at a later date.

  • Database Software Compatibility – Like with application software, there could be some issues here as well. 

Please contact the CCS Support Department if you have more questions about this, or if you would like to schedule a review of your existing hardware systems and application for Windows 7 compatibility.


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