Why use Radiant Payment Systems for Credit and Debit Card processing?

Why use Radiant Payment Systems for Credit and Debit Card processing?

Radiant Payment Services is committed to delivering an integrated, turnkey payment processing solution including hardware, software, support and services for a wide variety of payment methods.

Some of the advantages this service are:

  • RPS is one of  Radiant’s Preferred Processors. Preferred Processor certification ensures compliance with rapidly changing Credit card standards and access to the most favorable processing rates, as well as support for credit cards and debit cards.

  • Supported industry classifications (Retail, Mail-order/Telephone-order (MOTO), and Ecommerce), AVS, CVV2/CVC2, purchase/corporate cards, dial-up processing, and the use of the CPGateway service.

  • The CounterPoint Base System includes credit card processing under the CounterPoint Merchant Program through Radiant Payment Services.  This is "free software" and does not require the purchase of the Credit Cards Option.

  • Using integrated Credit Card processing offers many benefits, such as: faster checkout times; fewer errors and charge-back fees; no double-entry of card information; easier deposits at the bank; and rapid, automatic charge authorizations.

  • Radiant Payment Services offers competitive rates with tiered pricing for extremely competitive situations. There is a commitment by RPS to match or beat your current Credit Card rate/fee schedule.

  • RPS  is the easiest service for you to set up, and as a preferred processor, they know CounterPoint, so this ensures a smoother and more trouble-free implementation.

You can contact CCS Sales directly on this issue

By Phone:

Toll-free:  1-800-672-4806

By Email: sales@ccscentral.com

Or,  you can contact Radiant Payment Services directly

By Phone:

Toll-free:  866-599-4220

By Email:  inquiry@radiantpayments.com

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