CP SQL 8.3.9 – New Work Center Option

CounterPoint SQL 8.3.9, now includes the "Work Center" Option

This feature allows you to view, create, and post a variety of document types from one central area. This would include cash receipts, inventory adjustments, purchase requests, receivings, transfers, etc.

This is done from from a single, centralized interface screen.  It simplifies workload management, providing a snapshot of open documents.  This allows you to complete the enter/edit/post process without requiring access to multiple, separate windows.

The Work Center window displays summary information for open (i.e., un-posted) documents in a spreadsheet-like format, filtered by batch and by document type. You can click any Document # to view and edit (provided you are authorized to  edit the selected document types) documents.  In addition, you can click the  "New Document" button, and select a document type to create a new document directly from the Work Center window.

The Work Center also allows you to post open documents, either singly or in batches by clicking the Post Document(s) button.  Clicking the Post Batch(es) button posts all documents in the corresponding batches.

One of the distinct advantages with this feature is that it allows a manager or administrator to follow-up and complete any open activity regardless of which user created the transaction.  This means that critical time sensitive work doesn’t get forgotten for long periods of time.

If you have any question regarding the use of this feature, please contact the CCS Retail Systems Support Department.

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