CPSQL 8.3.9 – BOGO and 2fer Pricing

CPSQL 8.3.9 – BOGO and 2fer Pricing

CounterPoint SQL now allows you to define "BOGO" price rules for individual items or groups of items. For example "buy one, get one free" or "buy one, get one for 50% off" and "2fer" (e.g., "2 for $1.00" or "3 for $5.00") .

You can also use BOGO/twofer price rules to define "stepped" or "copy shop" pricing (e.g., buy the first 10 for $1.00, the next 10 for  $.90, or buy the first 5 for $10.00 dollars and the next 5 for $8.00, etc.). As well as a variety of similar pricing schemes that allow items sold in specific quantities to be given different per-unit prices.This feature provides much greater pricing flexibility than was available in previous versions, allowing you to easily offer your customers a broad range of common pricing scenarios. Some examples of these are:

  • Specify whether the customer must purchase an entire group of items to qualify for the BOGO/2fer price, or whether any quantity will qualify.

  • Control how CounterPoint will apportion each BOGO/2fer price across the items in the group. In other words, you can define a .34/.33/.33 split or a .49/.49/.02 split for a "3 for $1" price rule.

  • Define filtering criteria to determine when each BOGO/2fer price rule is in effect and whether the price rule only applies to particular stores, customers, and so forth.

  • Combine BOGO/2fer pricing with mix-and-match codes to allow customers to purchase items from a particular category, sub-category, or vendor to qualify for the BOGO/2fer price.  This would be instead of requiring them to buy a specific item (e.g., "buy ANY three candy bars for $1" versus "buy three Snickers bars for $1"). Essentially,this extends the capabilities of the existing "Mix-and-Match" option.

Some caveats are:You must use the Promotional Prices, Special Prices, or Contract Prices windows to define BOGO/2fer price rules.You cannot define BOGO/2fer pricing using Item Prices or Planned Promotions.

If you would like to implement some of these pricing schemes contact CCS Retail Support at 800-672-4806 or email us.


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