Why You Should Use a UPS (Uninteruptible Power Source)

No matter the amount of equipment you have in your business, you should always have your equipment plugged into a UPS.  Besides being a surge protector, most UPS or battery backup’s also have a voltage regulator to keep the flow of electricity at a constant rate.

I recently had to help a customer setup their store for the summer season.  They had no power protection available. The age of the building left the power and phone lines in poor shape.  After getting all the equipment setup and tested, the next evening, they had a power outage.  When the power came back on the surge of electricity caused their main computer to start acting strangely. 

Although everything seemed OK the system would randomly lock up.  They were forced to restart the PC by using the power button instead of the normal method of properly shutting down a Windows PC. This can lead to more corruption to important files, or can damage the electronic components.

This problem lead to the store having to hand write sales tickets. They did not have the needed information at the end of the day to check on sales totals and the myriad of other functions the staff had to do as part of their normal job.

With a UPS, this problem could have been just another power outage. The UPS would have shut the system down properly. It would have protected the equipment from the surge of electricity when the power came back on.  This could have saved the computer’s electronics.

The story does end happily, CCS was able to repair the PC that was being used as a server for this store. A UPS was put in place to protect the valuable data that is stored on the PC. 

Even if you do not experience power outages, a UPS is an essential investment. The system saving functions they perform, without any user intervention, can save damage to your systems.

If you have any questions on Battery Backups (UPS) or would like to purchase a Battery Backup,  please contact the CCS Support Department or send us an email. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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