Keep your paperwork and media

When you get a new computer, or software, it should come with paperwork and/or software (usually in CD form).  It is important to keep this information.  Recently, I have had a case where a user could not find either their original paperwork, in this case license numbers.  I had another case recently, where the user could not find their software, in this case the operating system installation CD.

In both of these cases, if they had kept the information filed, where they could have found it, the time spent would have been greatly reduced.

There have been many times where users have gone along for years with no problems, then something happens. Then either a license number, or a software CD is needed.  Of course, when it can’t be found, then it delays correcting the problem. Usually vendors, or support personnel, need to track down the information from archives.  If it can not be tracked down, then often the only option is to re-purchase it.

So, keep all the important information on your computer(s) and software filed where you can easily find it.  It can save headaches, and speed up getting going in the event that something does happen.

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