Summer Time Blues

I have written about overheating before (see my blog article Is_Your_PC_Overheating_).  With Summer here, I thought I would re-hash some tips for keeping your computer running cool and smooth this Summer.

As you should know, heat is a PC’s number one enemy.  Heat can cause all sorts of weird behavior. The dreaded Windows "BSOD" (Blue Screen Of Death), or your PC just shutting down for seemingly no reason at all. The key to keeping your PC (and Servers) running cool in the Summer is making sure you have adequate cooling. 

Most cooling is done with fans inside your case which should be checked to make sure they are working properly. Have you ever heard your PC "groan" or "grind"?  Most likely it is a fan that is getting ready to fail because the bushings are wearing out.  Most fans can be replaced in just a few minutes.  You need to make sure you have the correct fan size for the one you are replacing.

It is also important to make sure all the dust that builds up over time is removed from the case and fan input/output holes. This can cause heat to build up inside the case causing the sensors to report abnormal heat and shut your PC down to protect the electronics.

Another tip to help keep things cool is to make sure your PC case/tower has plenty of space around it.  Many times I have seen PC’s stuffed under desks with papers and folders stuffed between them and the desk.  This can cause overheating by blocking the output holes cut into the side cover.  Make sure there is a couple of inches of space to allow air to flow around and out of the case.

For Servers, if you have a dedicated "Server Room" with more than 1 Server, or a tight space for the server, you may have to get some regular fans to keep the room cool.  The more PC’s you have in a "closet" the warmer it will get, and the harder it will be to keep things cool. Using a regular oscillating fan and keeping a door open on the hotter days will help with keeping your PCs in the normal operating temperature range.

If you need some help with cleaning your PC’s, or checking to be sure all fans are properly working, give the CCS Support Department a call or email to setup an on-site appointment to review your concerns.

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