Underutilized Features of Point of Sales Systems – Part 4

Remote Management is the 4th of 5 underutilized features of many Point of Sale Systems, according to James Bickers, editor of Retail Customer Experience.com.  Today, nearly everyone is on Windows or Linux, making varying levels of remote management possible.

Some of the activities that are conveniently performed remotely are:

  • find sales figures,
  • look at cashier activities,
  • make sure EOD was posted,
  • retrain employees, 
  • track inventory,
  • perform daily backups,
  • system maintenance,
  • technical support,

These key activities and others can be done with Remote Management.

Because software needs of businesses are often unique to the type of business, we can help you determine which features would be of benefit to your particular operation.  Call us at (425) 672-4806 or email us for further information.

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