Good Reasons to upgrade to Passport Version 12

Some good reasons for considering an upgrade to Passport Version 12:

  • Version 12 will have full Windows GUI (Graphical User Interface) for all applications.
  • Screens will be tabbed instead of having to resort to entering though multiple screens to find or change something.
  • To change data, you click on the “EDIT” button.  All edited data for a record on the current screen can be saved from an individual tab, or by clicking on the master “SAVE” button.
  • The GUI Screens will have drill down capability from master file records, to see detail such as: Vendors – Open Item, Vendor History, including distribution detail for individual documents.
  • Users will also be able to toggle between the old style and new style screens by using the ALT – F12 Command.

Please contact the CCS Sales Department for more details on these new features.

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