Underutilized Features of Point of Sale Systems – Part 1

From humble beginnings as cash registers used only to ring up purchases and store cash, modern Point of Sale Systems are capable of storing and using enormous amounts of information.  Although much of this stored information can be used by business to increase sales, many of these software features are being underutilized.

James Bickers, editor for Retail Customer Experience.com, cites five features of POS Systems that retailers should use more.  The first of these is Suggestive Selling.

If you’ve ever purchased an item on the Internet, you have probably seen a pop-up message that says something like, "If you liked this, you might also like these."  Then you are shown pictures of similar products.  The retailer hopes that you will add more items to your order, increasing the amount of your purchase. 

The same type of thing can be done in a retail store.  A screen reminder of items that may be needed with the item being purchased (add-ons) can be shown when the sale is being processed.  The employee can then remind the customer of a product that might otherwise have been missed.  These are both examples of Suggestive Selling – a very effective method of increasing sales.

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My next blog will present information on the second of five underutilized features of many Point of Sale Systems.  Be sure to read it!


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