Concerning Compatibility

Choosing the right Point of Sale Software and Hardware for your retail business is a very important decision to make.  The choices are many, and it can seem like an overwhelming task. 

One thing that you can do early in your search, that will help you immeasurably in the long run, is to consider carefully your hardware before purchasing your new software.  Since not all card readers, scanners or weight scales will work with all POS software packages, compatibility is the key word.

Purchasing all of your hardware, software and support services from the same dealer is one way to set up and maintain a smooth operation.  A single source dealer will have familiarity with your total system. They will have the knowledge of its components and the ability to handle efficiently any problems that may occur.  This can often reduce your overall technology costs and ongoing cost of ownership!  Many resellers use subcontractors.  This can magnify the total costs.

CCS can help you with software selection, hardware selection, system integration, support and training.  Even if your plan is to use existing hardware, we can help you evaluate your system to identify changes that may be necessary to avoid compatibility problems.

With twenty-seven years of experience in providing trustworthy and reliable sales and service to POS businesses, we have the expertise to help you streamline your system.  Call us at (425) 672-4806 or email us for additional information.

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