Profiles of new CP SQL Users

Here’s a new tool for you to use if you’re considering upgrading to CounterPoint SQL!  We’ve added a new, detailed article to our website titled, Why CounterPoint SQL?, It outlines two dozen new CounterPoint SQL installations from across the country this year.  These companies are listed by type of business to make it easier for you to find a profile that matches your company.

By reading this article, you will be able to match the kinds of challenges these companies faced to those of your own company.  See how CounterPoint SQL helped with these issues. The problems listed below are only a few of those presented.

  • Keeping Up with Growing Inventories
  • Bookkeeping Headaches
  • Managing Remote Locations
  • Credit Card Processing Problems
  • Slow Order Processing
  • Financial Reporting Inefficiencies

A synopsis of the benefits from using CounterPoint SQL concludes each profile.  This allows you to see how you might profit in the same way.

Reading this article is well worth your time!  We can help you with further information.  Call us at 425-672-4806 or email us!

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