Good Reasons For Upgrading Your DSL Circuit

The following are just a few good reasons for upgrading your DSL Circuit:

  • Faster Internet browsing capability. – Pages download faster, improving your browsing experience.
  • Faster File downloads –  This is especially important since many of Microsoft’s recent major, Security      Service Packs have been in excess of 250 MB in size.  With a 256K download capability, this                    translates to approximately (3) three plus hours for a file this size.  For CounterPoint Users: a typical        CounterPoint Service Pack is now between 30 – 60 MB.  With a dial-up this can be 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Most ISP’s have lowered their prices, so there are more options related to download/upload                    packages available.  This could include changing to a Static (Fixed) I/P address for access to new            services.
  • Faster support call resolution – If CCS has a faster support connection, we can finish work faster, this      translates into reduced support costs.
  • Faster remote connections – This is important if you have to work remotely from home or connect to      your office computer while on the road.

The basic rule here is that… Time is Money!

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