Top three excuses for not calling CCS support

Over the years I’ve had people give me numerous reasons why they didn’t call CCS for a support related issue until it became a critical problem. Some of these may sound familiar, especially if you are in a service oriented business…

1.  I’m going to get blamed for what went wrong.

This is a real fear for a lot of people.  They think that they are going to get blamed for something that happened which could result in either a reprimand or in employment termination.  Often the issue may be due to something completely out of their control, such as power, hardware, or network related issues.  Often,  taking this approach can make the problem worse.

At CCS, our focus is simply to help you resolve your issue, as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We realize that time is money, and having a system down for an extended periods of time costs you money and creates stress.  Our purpose for being here is to solve your problems, not place blame.

2.  It’s going to cost me too much money.

Often times technical problems can be resolved in a matter of minutes, rather than hours. This is especially true if CCS is called early on.   Often, a situation may be less severe than a user thinks it is.  Recently, I had a customer that didn’t call in to the confirm details of a data file maintenance procedures.  They ended-up blowing away ALL of their data files. Their last good tape backup tape was over (7) seven months old.  By the time the dust settled on this one, recovering the majority of the data ended-up costing them several thousand dollars. All of this extra effort and expense was generated over trying to save using a few minutes worth of support time up-front.

3.  I’m going to look stupid.

We realize that most of you do not want to be (or have the time to be) Computer Programmers, or Management Information System Guru’s. All of you have diverse backgrounds, with skill-sets being stronger in some areas, and lighter in others.  We don’t expect you to be experts in computing.  This is what CCS is here for… With a over 100 years of combined software and computer experience, CCS is capable of solving problems that others either cannot, or do not want to.

The fact that you have a question, means that it’s important to you, and that there are valid reasons why you are asking it.  We understand this, and are here to help you.

So if you are really worried about this… here’s a sample of some rather interesting questions that I’ve been asked over the years…

  • The power is out, how come my screen is blank?
  • If my computer is unplugged will it continue running?
  • Does smoke and flames coming out of my computer mean that there’s a problem?
  • Why is the printer printing on the side of the paper without the lines?
  • I got all these books with my computer, what are they for?


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