Favorite Ways to Boost Sales – Part 2

This is part 2 of a 3 part series on how to boost sales with more ideas for you to review and implement. It is always important to give yourself as much of an advantage as possible over your competitors. For some shoppers, price is the only factor they consider, but many more customers will appreciate the service, attention to detail, and quality goods you offer.

Today, I’m listing a second set of ideas to help boost sales. If nothing else, get going on the first suggestion as soon as possible.

1: TRAIN AND COACH YOUR STAFF! The time is now. If your staff – including part-time help – is not well trained and coached, you are probably losing sales unnecessarily.

2: Keep a close eye on your best sellers. Running out of your most popular items not only costs you sales, its bad customer service

3. Always know the status of important orders. If that huge order of your most popular seller isn’t coming in on time, it’s going to cost you. Don’t take any chances that it didn’t make it to the warehouse in time. Be proactive.

4. Increase your store hours. There is money-making work to be done – especially in a down economy.

5. Make shopping FUN. FUN sells. It doesn’t have to be hard or fancy. Have a "guess the number of candies in the big glass bowl" contest or anything that comes to mind. Use your imagination. Again – FUN sells.

6. Have sales games for your employees. Your staff will appreciate the chance to make a little extra cash or get merchandise for the "winner". It can also build team spirit which in turn can boost sales.

7. Put a spiff on high-margin, high volume items. It’s a great way to get your staff selling what you think is important.

8. Mark down slow moving merchandise – especially during the important buying seasons. It’s much easier and more profitable to sell slow movers at 20% off during a busy time than 50% off when your busy sales window closes.

If you can build on these suggestions, you will outsell and outperform your competitors. Watch for part 3 – the next in a series of "Favorite Ways to Boost Sales.

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