Upgrade Preparation Checklist

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Update and Upgrade Preparation Checklist

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PREPARATION STEP  (Printing instructions:  use a custom size of 12 x 12 or similar) NOTES
  Review the content of the CD/DVD release notes for All the systems involved.  Consider making a copy of any checklists they contain for your notes. Have the Media available during the upgrade, as well.  
  Make sure you have a Backup completed and verified before starting.  
  Make sure you have someone who can thoroughly test the update and confirm its operation.  
  Plan for Physical security and environmental factors: Access, Power, Monitoring Company awareness.  
  Have a Voice line and Internet access in the area you will be using for the upgrade.  
  Have any other Materials needed available. e.g. blank media, USB devices, other peripherals.  
  Get the latest CounterPoint Release CD or DVD.   Check the media is OK and your drive reads it.  
  Get all the latest Service Pack File(s).  This may include your Operating Systems and Database as well.  
  Get the License Key(s) for the version of all the Software you plan to install.  Make sure it is legible and you understand the characters. Confirm  the values, and perhaps add a Phonetic Spelling in your notes for later.  
  Review the Operating system, Utility, and CounterPoint Logins and Passwords for administrators and users you will need. Write these down and Verify/Test them before starting.  
  Review the Logins and Passwords for any other add-on applications you need, such as Focus Service Manager, and Payroll For CounterPoint. Write these down and Verify/Test them as well.  
  If you have any customizations, have they been retrofitted and tested first?  
  Do you have enough time to make a proper backup and do the update work before your users need to be back on the system?  It is recommended that you do this after the close of business not first thing before you open,  The former gives you about 16 hours to resolve problems or decide to punt.  The latter usually gives you 30 to 60 minutes to do the same. The choice is clear.  
  If you need to request CCS support assistance is it scheduled?  We need at least 48 hours warning  
  Put you plan in a schedule by half hour increments.  Does it work within the time you have alotted for the upgrade?  IF NOT FIX IT NOW.  You don’t want to be standing there frustrated when the employees start to arrive!  

If you are unsure about what steps need to be taken with an update, please contact CCS Support for Help. Or Call us at 800-672-4806.

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