Proper Preparation For Your CounterPoint Update

When planning a CounterPoint Update, it’s important to plan ahead.  Make sure you understand the software you are upgrading and are able to test it after the upgrade.  If you do not have a good command of the daily use, then schedule someone who is to be available to help you test it.  You don’t want the users to find that the changes disable some functions or produce errors that you were not able to test for.  ALWAYS do a BACKUP BEFORE any updates are done.  Make sure it is complete enough to get you back online if something fails, or is missed.

If you will be working late make sure that any security considerations are handled.  If the power is automatically shut off in some areas of your building, you may needs to arrange for this to be disabled.  If a security service is monitoring things you need to inform them.  If there is physical security,  You may need to get clearance and access codes.

Generally you’ll need the following items: (if you are not sure of the release number(s), ask for help)

  • The latest CounterPoint Release CD or DVD.  Make sure you check the media is OK and your drive reads it.

  • The latest Service Pack File.  Same comment.

  • The license key for the version you plan to install.  Make sure it is legible and you understand the characters.  Many customers have been stumped trying to enter a Q they thought was a G or an M that was a N, etc.  Confirm the values, and perhaps add a phonetic spelling in your notes for later.  Otherwise you may be back in the same boat when you are in the middle of the procedure. 

  • Any operating system, utility, and CounterPoint logins and passwords for administrators and users you will need. Write these down and verify them before starting.

  • The same as above for any other add-on applications such as Focus Service Manager, and Payroll For CounterPoint.  These applications may require updates as well.  Minimally. this might involve re-installing an application compatibility service pack. 

  • You should review the content of the CD/DVD release notes.  Make sure you are aware of the changes or enhancements, as well as what’s involved in the actual update process.  You may need to do both pre-installation and post-installation procedures before the update can be considered successful. If any other materials are need make sure they are available.  For example blank media, extra power outlets, additional hardware peripherals. It is a good idea to have a voice line and Internet access in the area you will be using for the upgrade.  Both can be essential along the way.

Other important things to consider:

  • Do you have any customizations that may need to be retrofitted and tested first?  Are they ready, or does the update need to be rescheduled?

  • Do you have enough time to make a proper backup and do the update work before your users need to be back on the system?  It is recommended that you do this after the close of business not first thing before you open,  The former gives you about 16 hours to resolve problems or decide to punt.  The latter usually gives you 30 to 60 minutes to do the same.  The choice is clear.

  • Will you need to request and schedule CCS support assistance in advance?  We need at least 48 hours warning.

If you are unsure about what steps need to be taken with an update, please contact CCS Support for Help.  Ask us about getting a copy or our Upgrade Preparation Checklist.

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